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Traffic Monsoon OFFICIAL Legal Campaigns:

Traffic Monsoon currently has an open lawsuit with the SEC. All TM and funds of Charles Scoville have been frozen while this is in place. This also makes it inconvenient to pay for legal fees. The following information is for members that would like to donate and assist with funding the legal fees.  

**NOTE : These are verified sources confirmed from Charles or the party handling the campaign that all funds will go towards legal, this is not a scam site, there have been reports of many out there so only donate to the following if you choose to.

This donation will be sent to a validated trust worthy source and forwarded to the appropriate party.

Payza Option #1

Option 2:


BitCoin : Send to :  


Option 3:

​Funded Justice:  <CLICK HERE>

Option 4:
Wire to Scoville Legal Defense Fund. Information immediately below.

​INFORMATION YOU NEED FOR A WIRE TRANSFER: Go to your bank with the information below and ask your banker for help in sending a WIRE TRANSFER directly from your account into the fund. Every penny received will go to legal fees.

Scoville Legal Defense Fund
BBVA Compass Bank
11210 Huron St.
Northglenn, CO 80234

Routing number: 107005319
Account number: 6740871364

THE NEED: The Scoville Legal Defense Fund has been created to allow people to contribute funds that will be used to pay legal fees for Charles David Scoville related to Securities and Exchange Commission v. Traffic Monsoon et al, Case # 2:16-cv-00832. Charles will not own or control these funds as they will be sent directly to his legal team from this fund. The SEC seized all of Charles’ business and personal funds, and therefore, has no funds for his defense without support.

THE ASSUMPTION WITH YOUR DONATION: Contributions less than $14,000 a year will be a classified as a gift. Contributions greater than or equal to $14,000 a year will be classified as an interest-free loan. It is unlikely Charles will be able to repay this loan, so it should be considered a bad debt for tax purposes.