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Preliminary hearing in recess Until 11-30-16.

Traffic Monsoon vs SEC
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Date: 11-30-2016

We are waiting on the judges decision from the 11-30-2016 court date, we expect to hear a response from the judge by 12-23-2016


Summary:  Here you can read a brief summary of what took placed on 11-30-2016 and what is expected next.


On 11-30-2016 both parties were to have submitted all of their argument summary and any last things that they may have to present to the judge. The SEC spoke first in their argument in the case against TM and had addressed many topics varying from TM is offering securities, TM has committed fraud, and then based on server locations is where the business takes place not where you are located personally.

Once they had their chance to present their arguments the TM lawyer Washburn had time to defend TM, Charles, and the members. It was pretty clear that he knows the business well and did a great job making it clear to the judge. 

At this time now that both had a chance to summarize their arguments the Judge is in recess on this case. She will be making a decision over the next few days or weeks to what she sees needs to happen with this case.  We are expected to hear a result before the new year but this could change obviously since by law the judge has up to 90 days to make a ruling.

So at this point everything is on hold no more arguments will be made at this time and everything is in the hands of Jill Parrish, the Judge.

Once we have further details they will be posted here on this website.