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Date: 2-3-2017

Stipulated MOTION to Continue Deadline to Respond to Defendant's Motion to Dismiss


Summary:  Stipulated MOTION to Continue Deadline

Plaintiff, Securities and Exchange Commission (the “Commission”), by and through its
counsel of record, and Charles D. Scoville (“Scoville”) through his counsel of record,
respectfully submits this Stipulated Motion to Continue Deadline to Respond to Motion to
Dismiss (Doc. No. 70).

Defendant Charles D. Scoville (“Scoville”) filed the Motion to Dismiss on January 25,
2017. Pursuant to Local Rule 7-1(b)(3)(A), the Commission’s response would be due 28 days
after filing, or February 22, 2017. Because many of the bases relied upon by Scoville in his
Motion to Dismiss are currently pending before the Court in connection with the Commission’s
Motion for Preliminary Injunction and Scoville’s Motion to Set Aside Receivership (the
“Pending Motions”), it is in the interests of judicial efficiency for the Commission to wait until
the Court publishes its opinion as to the two previously-filed motions before responding to
Scoville’s Motion to Dismiss.

The Commission therefore respectfully requests that the Court continue the deadline for
the Commission to respond to the Motion to Dismiss until 28 days after the Court’s decision is
published on the Pending Motions.
Respectfully submitted this 3rd day of February, 2017.